As a recovering awkward person ...

I know the struggle of not feeling worthy and how that can keep me from going after the things I want in life. I want to empower people and help them to know who they are in the best possible light. In this day and age of smartphone cameras, there are so many unflattering photos of us as we try to live up to unrealistic expectations set by social media. Many of us are conditioned by our environment to be self-conscious and believe that we are not photogenic. The reality is we just haven’t been photographed by an experienced photographer who cares. I myself have missed out on being in casual photographs with my loved ones in the past because I didn't think I was worthy of being seen and remembered.

As a portrait photographer, I love working and connecting with people from all walks of life. I believe an exceptional individual portrait can showcase the person inside and out in one single image, and group portraits can document deep connections and love that people can look back on. My extensive portrait experience and techniques are simply there to help my camera capture a person's beauty, individuality, brand, emotions, connections, and more.

During the photo session, we will use beautiful light, flattering body language and expression to showcase your genuine yet polished self and create portraits that connect with your viewers. I want you to not only take away new photos that you are proud of- I want you to walk away with more confidence that will help propel you into going after what you want in life!

When I am not busy being a photographer, you will find me singing, dancing Argentine Tango, kickboxing, cooking, traveling, spending time with awesome people, and exploring all of the new experiences this world has to offer.


Douglas P. - Lawyer

“I hired Teresa Tam to shoot a headshot for the launch of my law firm, Park Legal. Teresa was able to get me to relax and feel as comfortable as I have ever felt during a photo session. What distinguishes Teresa is her effort to understand her subjects and what they want before taking one picture. Never before have I had trouble picking the photos I liked because this time there were so many I liked. The result.The result of her skills and approach are pictures that capture who I am. That is no simple feat.”

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